Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quick Figure Front On View

I start most days with a quick anatomy drawing. Sharpie on an 8.5x11 copier paper. I added the briefs to retain my PG rating.

Brett Booth back in a Flash!

As long as I've known Brett Booth he has dreamed about being the regular artist on Flash. This news made my day! Wait to go Brett this is the fruit of all your hard work and never taking "no" for a final answer but seeing it as only a delay. I could not be happier for you buddy! Brett is going to tear into this book and set a new high standard.

Paolo Rivera studio tour!
This is the final for the Miracleman #9 cover. Lots and lots of fun texturing going on to separate shapes. The gears were done in illustrator, the rest is black sharpie and photoshop layering.

miracleman prelim

Most of my drawings start with a figure sketch. This is for the Miracleman #9 cover. You will see in the final I redrew the right side arm so I could incorporate the hand better into the overall composition.